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On Saturday, Sept 29th, Helen sent the following email, titled “Entering a new phase” to several friends:

Well dear friends I am finally come to a new place in my disease. Over the past few days I’ve been busy (?) signing up for Hospice.. it hasn’t been as easy physically or spiritually as I thought it would be, but the Hospice people are unbelievably kind and patient. Could use a new round of prayers though and I know where to ask for them.

Love you all,

Love, prayers and gratitude.

The very next day, Helen took a heartbreaking turn for the worse. Two and a half weeks later, she passed away peacefully in her home, with her family at her side, on October 17, 2007

The website (below) remains as it was -- created to promote her novel "Picture of Guilt."   The Message Board / Blog (link at left) was added to the site for her family and friends to honor her memory.

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